Your Scar can make You a “STAR”
  Scars are there to help us examine our lives and to heal ourselves.
Sometimes it is not the actual scar that is painful, but the scars that we
carry in our hearts for a long time. What do you associate with your scars?
Scars can be a catalyst for transformation................
Greatest Discovery
'No Person or thing in the universe, no chain of circumstances, can by any
possibility interpose itself between you and all good.............

Raising Awareness of HIV/AIDS at 2006 World AIDS Day Breakfast

Every 16 seconds, a woman is infected with HIV. Every 29 seconds, a woman dies from an AIDS-related illness. In Canada, 25% of new infections in 2005 were women and young women. 35% of these women are youth between the ages 15 and 29 years.