Ashram Retreat Centre


To help people find their life purpose, support people to live their highest potential by teaching ways to de-stress from their daily lives, offer a variety of healing modalities to move through past trauma and to have success in their individual, family, work and community lives. A place that helps people connect mind, body and spirit and find joy, love and laughter in simple blessings of life.

We have often heard of people wanting to make changes in otherís lives. It first begins with a vision says Bahi. People are stressed with work, raising families, failing relationships, making ends meet, loss of someone, aging, ill-health and looking for a purpose working through their struggles. Bahi says, there is hope for everyone if we are willing to get in touch with our inner selves. Her passion is to build an Ashram Retreat Centre to help people find solace in their daily lives while working through any issues.

The Ashram project is currently offering individual and group support on a weekly basis. These services are provided on a donation basis, which in turn is donated to a local non-profit organization. Bahi hopes to expand her Ashram offerings by adding experienced and trained professionals that are willing to offer their services as part of community service to enhance the lives of others. It is a non-denominational.

If you would like to be part of this Ashram Project, individual or group meetings, please feel free to contact the Founder, Ms. Bahi Krishnakhanthan at or 905 686-9204.


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